Being one of the largest cryptocurrency mining pools, MinerGate helps its partners make their projects noticeable in the world of digital finance. If you are looking for a way to attract cryptocurrency-related users to your project, browse our statistics below and contact the sales team.


  • > 200 000
    Registered customers

  • > 600 000
    Visits per month

  • > 10 000
    Active daily users

  • > 7 minutes
    Average time on site

In accordance with internal analytical reports, MinerGate’s hundreds of thousands of users can be qualified as “technophiles” and “avid investors”, mainly interested in:

  • Financial, Investment and Banking Services
  • Business Services/Payment Processing & Merchant Services
  • Computers & Peripherals


  • 18-24

  • 24-35

  • 35-44

  • 45-54

Absolute majority of the users belong to multinational, English-speaking, and economically active population. Thus, the users are creditworthy and can be offered a wide range of products and services.


The weighty bias towards male users creates an additional opportunity to advertise products for men, or, conversely, capture the highly targeted tech-savvy women audience.


Currently, we are offering:

  • Two banner sizes (728х90, 250x250)
  • Targeted advertising based on geo,
    time of day, browser, language or OS
  • Detailed reports and flexible filters
    that allow you to assess effectiveness
    of your advertising campaign
  • Average CTR of banners placed on MinerGate is 1.9%
    (average banner CTR worldwide is 1.7%)

Banner requirements:

  • Banner format: JPG, GIF, PNG.
  • Banner weight: cannot exceed 250 KB
  • Design: banners can be animated, but not
    flashing or blinking. Banners that annoy
    users or simulate elements of the browser
    interface are forbidden
  • Banners with a white or very light background
    should have contrast border in order not to
    merge with the background of the site
  • Scripts: Banners should not open pop-under windows
    or open links on mouse hover

Bonuses for loyal customers

Our regular customers are offered additional bonuses, including ad discounts and a permanent partner status.

Contact the sales team

Please contact our official reseller Cointelegraph at for advertising opportunities.