Fantomcoin [FCN] mining

The difference of Fantomcoin from other CryptoNote currencies is that it supports merged mining with Bytecoin, Monero and QuazarCoin. Merged mining means that you can mine one of the mentioned currencies and Fantomcoin simultaneously without the decrease of hashrate for the main coin. The date of its launch is June 6, 2014. Take a read about Fantomcoin on its official website.

To start mining Fantomcoin as a merged mined coin, open Miner tab of our GUI application. One of the columns on the right is Merged mining. Choose FCN in the dropout menu next to your main coin and start mining. Important note: You need to press Start mining only next to the main coin, no need to do it next to Fantomcoin itself.

Mine some FCN and you will be able to withdraw it to the exchange or to your wallet.

How to withdraw Fantomcoin to your wallet
  1. Setup a Fantomcoin wallet following the instructions on the site or in our FAQ.
  2. Open the application and choose Wallet section and click Withdraw button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Enter the amount of Fantomcoins you want to withdraw (leave the field blank to transfer all of them).
  4. Copy your Wallet address and insert it into the Address bar.
  5. Your coins are on their way to the wallet!
How to withdraw Fantomcoin to the exchange
  1. Find a suitable exchange to withdraw your coins. (Consider Changelly – our trusted exchange with the most favorable rates).
  2. Open the Wallet tab in the app, choose Fantomcoin and click Withdraw.
  3. Copy the address and the Payment ID provided by the exchange and insert to the corresponding fields.
  4. Press Withdraw again.
  5. Your coins are on their way to the exchange!

The history of your withdrawals is available in the Withdrawals section of the Dashboard.

Pool fees for Fantomcoin are 1.5% for PPS method and 1% for PPLNS method.

Download app and start mining